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New Directions in Economic Anthropology

This introductory text is the first of its kind to provide a solid background to the main themes in economic anthropology: production, distribution, consumption and social reproduction. It offers a critical approach to the central concepts and theoretical assumptions in economic anthropology, and presents new perspectives on issues which are currently transforming the field. Professor Narotzky employs a historical approach to economic problems, highlighting the interdependent nature of the contemporary world economy and examining Western societies in case studies. Special emphasis is given to current issues such as the anthropology of work, the informal economy, the cultures of industrialisation and work cultures. Professor Narotzky specifies that human material relations cannot be theoretically separated from their cultural expression which, in turn, are materially produced and embodied. Economic relations of production need to be analysed both in their material and cultural aspects within an integrative framework of social reproduction.

Contents: Ecosystem - Technological Processes - Access to Resources - Question of 'Work' in Western Societies - Distribution & Exchange - Reciprocity & Redistribution - Exchange - Circulation - Market Culture or Market System? - Consumption Defining Consumption - Consumption Unit - Beyond Domestic Group Boundaries - Producing While Consuming - Social Reproduction Production & Reproduction - Local Culture & Economic Models - Case Study - Labour/Capital Relations - 'New Economic Organisation' - Work Experiences


Susana Narotzky is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Universidad de Barcelona

288pp - 215x135mm - Series: Anthropology, Culture and Society

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